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Top 8 Most Potent Superfoods on the Planet

Many people know which foods to avoid (right?). Despite the barrage of chocolate chip cookies, cakes, potato chips, and soda pop which provide out body with a healthy dose of disease, most people know that those foods are indeed unhealhy. But when it comes to the healthy stuff, do you know which foods are worthy to be called 'superfoods'? The answers may surprise and delight you.

The Healthy Cell Concept - The 5 Pillars of a Healthy Cell and a Disease Free Body

The Healthy Cell Concept proposes that keeping the cell—the basic unit of the body—healthy results in the body being healthy. The body and health are holistic: that is, they are both the greater whole of a number of smaller parts.

The Healthy Cell Concept focuses on five of these smaller parts:

Wheat: The Addiction That is Making You Sick

The wheat today is completely different than the wheat our grandparents and even our parents ate. What we have now is not the traditional four and a half foot tall plant which was cultivated for thousands of years. Today we grow an 18 inch tall, semi dwarf, lab made, genetically engineered creation made specifically to increase yields and profits, and is more aptly called 'frankenwheat' by Dr. William Davis, the author of 'Wheat Belly'.'


Food Combining: Improve Digestion and Lose Weight

How often do you feel bloated or tired at the end of a meal? Perhaps you suffer from disturbed sleep or your stomach is constantly grumbling or groaning. You may have aggravating aches and pains. Lethargy, chronic fatigue and digestive disorders arrive when we strain our digestive systems and the modern diet which mixes many varieties of foods can contribute to this strain.

Drugless Method to Get Rid of Anxiety

No one knows how many people are in prison because of destructive outbursts that normally should have been controlled. Millions of regular folks just barely manage to live within their anxiety every day. They might not be in jail, but they are not radically happier. Many, many millions of prescriptions are written every year for emotional illness. Two out of three visits to family physicians are for stress-related illness, with an annual cost of nearly $75,000,000,000.