Hepatitis: Easy Natural Remedy

A "Google" internet search for "hepatitis" will get you nearly four million responses; coincidentally, that is the approximate number of Americans with hepatitis C. So it's no wonder I get so many questions about this disease. Let us immediately cut to the chase:
Administered immediately and in sufficient quantity, vitamin C cures the entire hepatitis alphabet, A to E. Intravenous infusion of vitamin C may be necessary to do the job right.
Robert F. Cathcart, M.D., writes at his website, http://www.orthomed.com :
"Since acute hepatitis A, B, C, etc., is easily cured with massive doses of ascorbate, intravenously and with follow-up with oral ascorbic acid, it is tragic that it is not properly utilized. Hepatitis C is a special problem because only about a quarter of cases present as acute (when it would be easily cured). Chronic hepatitis C is more of a problem; however with massive doses of ascorbic acid orally, a no-sugar diet, vitamin E, selenium, silymarin (an antioxidant from milk thistle), and alpha lipoic acid among other nutrients, I have never seen a case to go onto acute hepatic necrosis or cancer of the liver."
I have personally known persons who took oral vitamin C to bowel tolerance and beat hepatitis. I have also seen a person fail with oral dosing alone, so do not take any chances with Hep. Get the IV.
HOW TO ARRANGE INTRAVENOUS VITAMIN C http://www.doctoryourself.com/strategies.html
Intravenous vitamin C is available from:
Merit Pharmaceuticals, 2611 San Fernando, Los Angeles, CA 90065. Telephone: In California: 800-696-3748; Out-of-State: 800-421-9657.
McGuff Company, Inc., 3524 West Lake Center Drive, Santa Ana, California 92704. 800-854-7220; 714-545-2491. www.mcguff.com
An internet search will find additional suppliers.
Search for "vitamin C intravenous."
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George had already had chronic hepatitis B for seven years by the time I first met with him. Drug medicine had not helped, and yet vitamin therapy had never been offered to him. Here is his account of it:
"I hadn't had many serious symptoms except fatigue for years. My liver function tests and bilirubin counts remained elevated. Worse, the disease had caused cirrhosis of my liver.
"I have been treated on two occasions with Prednisone, a steroid drug. Although this did bring my liver tests down, the side effects were terrible and the tests elevated after discontinuance of the drug. Then, the tests again rose to an alarming level and the doctors (by this time I had consulted a number of them) told me there wasn't anything else they could do.
"It was at this time I became a health nut. Since then, I have been taking megadoses of vitamins faithfully and have concentrated more on fresh fruits and vegetables. I now take 25,000 to 30,000 milligrams of vitamin C orally every day; large amounts of B-complex; a mega-multi vitamin; lecithin; desiccated liver tablets; chelated magnesium; and vitamin E.
"The results of my latest tests (taken last week) show the lowest level of bilirubin and lowest liver function scores in over a year. And this without any Prednisone.
"My doctor is surprised and still skeptical about megavitamins. She says she can't condone what I'm doing (there's not enough "medical" research on it) but she does say I had better keep doing it.
"Tell my case to people who remain unconvinced. I was a skeptic once myself."
George got these results in 9 weeks. I met him again more than ten years later. He was still taking "all those vitamins." And he had remained entirely symptom-free.
Using megadoses of vitamin C, Dr. Frederick Klenner cured acute hepatitis in 48 hours. Of course, that was decades ago, and I'm sure vitamin C's chemical properties have changed quite radically since then. NOT!
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Many of Dr. Cathcart's articles are posted at his excellent http://orthomed.com
Additional information on vitamin C dosage and administration will be found at http://www.unityshift.com just search "vitamin C"

-Andrew Saul