CAFFEINE ALLERGY: Is Coffee Making Us Crazy? Part 2

An allergic reaction to caffeine manifests as anaphylaxis. During a state of caffeine anaphylaxis, the body enters the fight or flight mode, which may be mistaken as hyperactivity, anxiety, or panic disorder. Caffeine anaphylaxis causes cerebral vasculitis, leads to the breakdown of the blood brain barrier, and generates toxic dementia.

CAFFEINE ALLERGY: Is Coffee Making Us Crazy?

With the upswing of "chemical imbalance" disorders that surfaced in the latter twentieth century, many researchers frantically attempt to unravel the brain's intricate clockworks. In turn, as the number of persons suffering with mental issues mount, it seems that doctors, pressed for time, are quick to refer patients to psychiatrists. Failing to request a medical physical, many psychiatrists hand out medications, often masking the underlying physical problem.