Vitamin C

Emphysema: Natural Remedies

My aunt needed oxygen to put on her socks. A severe case of emphysema, which a lifetime of smoking had failed to cure, was the reason. She was just one of an estimated 16 million Americans suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), all primarily caused by tobacco use. The fourth leading cause of death, COPD kills over 100,000 annually. That number is increasing; medical research has contributed virtually nothing to stop it.

Natural Remedy for Allergies

Most allergies usually disappear while you wait if you use the safest, most powerful, cheapest and most effective antihistamine-antitoxin in existence: vitamin C. As Jacob Marley's ghost said to Ebeneezer Scrooge, "You don't believe in me." Well, you don't, do you? How can a simple vitamin replace a medical specialty, and I'm telling you, it could. You could start a drive-in allergy clinic, with only one prescription.

Alzheimer's: A Few Successful Alternative Therapies

FACT: More than half of nursing home beds are occupied by AD patients.
FACT: Alzheimer’s disease is the Number 4 Killer of Americans, causing over 100,000 deaths each year in the USA alone.

"(Research) suggests to me that if everyone started on a good nutritional program supplemented with optimum doses of vitamins and minerals before age fifty, and remained on it, the incidence of Alzheimer's disease would drop precipitously."

Study: Taking Vitamins Can Save Your Life and Destroy Disease

This report will outline evidence to show that the antioxidants are necessary, singly, in combinations, in larger amounts than generally held, and must be started much earlier in life. Hence, we will attempt to emphasize the relationship of antioxidants to common disorders such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cataracts, and macular degeneration as well as other syndromes through an examination of 40 representative studies in the English language literature.

Magnificent Vitamin C: Curing Disease, Fast!

The effectiveness and safety of megadose vitamin C therapy should, by now, be yesterday’s news. Yet I never cease to be amazed at the number of persons who remain unaware that vitamin C is the best broad-spectrum antibiotic, antihistamine, antitoxic and antiviral substance there is. Equally surprising is the ease with which some people, most of the medical profession, and virtually all of the media have been convinced that, somehow, vitamin C is not only ineffective but is also downright dangerous.

Vitamins: Can They Cure Disease?

The safety record of the B-complex vitamins is extraordinarily good. Since their discovery, beginning with thiamin (B-1) in 1911, many thousands of studies have verified an unequaled therapeutic value of these essential substances. Side effects have been rare, and toxicity is nearly nonexistent, even at the highest doses. Some cautions are in order, of course, and here are some of the most important.