Emphysema: Natural Remedies

My aunt needed oxygen to put on her socks. A severe case of emphysema, which a lifetime of smoking had failed to cure, was the reason. She was just one of an estimated 16 million Americans suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), all primarily caused by tobacco use. The fourth leading cause of death, COPD kills over 100,000 annually. That number is increasing; medical research has contributed virtually nothing to stop it.

Chronic Fatigue: Easy Natural Remedies

Looking for a drug cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a bit like trying to buy a new Buick from a Ford dealer: it just isn't possible. The first rule of fishing is to put your hook in the water, because that is where the fish are. Let's consider nutrition research and see what REAL options are available for the CFIDS patient that has been told to "learn to live with it." 

Heart Disease: Why Vitamin E was Ignored as Heart Therapy for 40 Years

In the late 1940s, Drs. Wilfrid and Evan Shute began to treat large numbers of patients with megadoses of vitamin E, usually above 800 IU daily. Their clinic eventually had experience with perhaps 30,000 patients who came from all over North America to receive their treatment. The recent Harvard findings illustrate again the rapid advance of the orthomolecular paradigm in overthrowing the anti-vitamin paradigm, which has done so much harm in the past twenty years.

Congestive Heart Failure

In an average lifetime, your heart will beat two and a half BILLION times.

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is the end product of any of a number of cardiovascular diseases that can degrade the heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently. Much has been written on diagnosing congestive heart failure but rather less is known about treating it. Here is what you need to know to treat it.